Siri doesn’t understand Samuel L. Jackson’s “Put the gazpacho on ice in an hour”

Posted on May 25 2012 - 8:18am by Jonne Eilimö
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Apple has released a few Siri ads where they ask celebrities to talk with Siri, their personal assistant found on the iPhone 4S. Samuel L. Jackson featured in an ad that aired roughly a month ago. In this ad, he asked Siri to remind him to put the gazpacho on ice in an hour. After this you see the usual Siri conversation screen of a correctly interpreted demand. Well, it turns out Siri doesn’t understand Samuel L. Jackson at all.

If you ask Siri to “remind me to put the gazpacho on ice in an hour,” you’ll be presented with these results:

  • Put the spot show on ice
  • Put the spots on Icenhour
  • Put tickets botulinum

Well, it could be your pronunciation. What if we take the audio from the original ad, and let Siri decide on what to do:

  • Call Mirium Booksbaum
  • Call Anna-Genelle Harev
  • Call Ron Ridenhour

All of the above are contacts that can’t be found in the users address book. Could it be the word gazpacho that’s causing the problem?

Siri’s interpretation of gazpacho:

  • Just Bacchio
  • This Bogil
  • This Poncho

You just can’t come up with the results that the awesome Samuel L. Jackson did. If you have an iPhone 4S, please give it a try!

Tests conducted by some random dude here :)

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