Prodigy and AC/DC – Two new Nokia phones running Windows Phone 8/Apollo

Posted on Mar 6 2012 - 5:28pm by Jonne Eilimö
Nokia Lumia 900

Nokia Lumia 900

The Verge reports today that Nokia is currently working on at least two new Windows Phones for AT&T. Two codenames were mentioned – Prodigy and AC/DC.

Both of these new devices will come with Windows Phone 8/Apollo, and should be available immediately when the OS released later this year.

Prodigy is reported to be a Windows Phone 8 superphone, while AC/DC will be a mid-range handset. No other details were reported.

Current rumors are suggesting that Windows Phone 8 will support NFC “wallet experience,” multi-core processors, and up to four screen resolutions. It remains to be seen what really comes out of these Nokia and Windows Phone rumors.

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