Exclusive: Ovi Music Unlimited / Comes With Music discontinued!

Posted on Jan 16 2011 - 4:42pm by Jonne Eilimö

Nokia has decided to sack their Ovi Music Unlimited (previously Comes With Music) service. The Ovi Music store will however continue after this, but the 1-year license service will be discotinued. This is the case with OMU in Finland, but who knows if this will also be the case in other countries.

Here is how the Ovi Music Service change will affect customers:

  • New OMU bundled devices will not be shipped from Nokia’s factory after 31.12.2010
  • The 1-year lisence can’t be renewed after 10.1.2011
  • No effect on devices bought with OMU/CWM. These can still be activated for the 1-year free music download service.
  • No change for users who already have activated the license. When their current license expires, they’re not provided with an ability to renew the license.
  • No change in the Ovi Music store

So long Ovi Music Unlimited / Comes With Music! Personally I think that the only device that sold good with the CWM  bundle was the Nokia N97 mini when it was released. However, this was only due to the fact that you couldn’t buy it without the service.

Update: Reuters just reported that Nokia shuts down OMU/CWM in 27 countries. They will continue to sell phones with 12-month subscription to free music downloads in China, India and Indonesia and with 6-month subscriptions in Brazil, Turkey and South Africa.

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