Elisa: Nokia Lumia 800 most sold phone in 2012

Posted on Jan 2 2013 - 12:08pm by Jonne Eilimö
Nokia Lumia 800 in Glossy White

Nokia Lumia 800 in Glossy White

Elisa, one of the largest carriers in Finland, just released the top 5 phones sold to both private and business customers in 2012. The most sold phone by Elisa is the Nokia Lumia 800 followed by the Apple iPhone 4S and Nokia C2-01.

Top 5 phones sold in 2012:

  1. Nokia Lumia 800
  2. Apple iPhone 4S
  3. Nokia C2-01
  4. Samsung Galaxy S III
  5. Samsung Galaxy S II

Top 5 phones sold in 2012 (for business):

  1. Nokia C2-01
  2. Nokia Lumia 800
  3. Apple iPhone 4S
  4. Nokia E7-00
  5. Apple iPhone 5

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Elisa top 15 phones sold in December, 2012:

  1. Apple iPhone 5
  2. Nokia Lumia 800
  3. Nokia Lumia 920
  4. Samsung Galaxy S III Mini
  5. Samsung Galaxy S III
  6. Nokia 311
  7. Samsung Galaxy Gio
  8. Nokia Lumia 900
  9. Apple iPhone 4S
  10. Samsung Galaxy S II
  11. Nokia C2-01
  12. Samsung Galaxy Xcover
  13. Apple iPhone 4
  14. Nokia 300
  15. ZTE Blade III
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